Obindo connects your inbox to each of these apps —
and the list is growing every day!


Asana - Try It!

Turn any email into an Asana task simply by sending it to Obindo. Include a due date in your email and that task will be added to your Asana calendar as well!


Box - Try It!

Have a file in an email you’d like to save to Box? Just forward it to Obindo and the file will be uploaded to your Box service. You can specify the folder name in the subject line too.


DocuSign - Try It!

Streamline your contract signing process! Copy Obindo whenever you send a contract to a client or partner and Obindo will post that document directly to Docusign.


Dropbox - Try It!

Forward your photos and file attachments to Obindo to have them posted to your Dropbox account for you automatically. Specify the folder name in your subject line and your file will be routed automatically into the proper location.



Want to post a set of photos to Facebook in one shot? Just forward that email to Obindo, along with the status update you'd like to make, and your photos will be posted to Facebook for you automatically.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar - Try It!

Creating an event in Google Calendar is as easy as writing an email. Specify the date and time of the meeting in the subject line and hit send -- that's it. Like to invite others to that meeting? Simply copy them on the email.

Google Docs

Google Docs

Use Obindo to archive any email into a Google Doc and save it to Google Drive. Save the messages that are the most important to you, and route them into any folder you wish.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Forward any attached document, spreadsheet, or other file to Obindo and it will store the file in your Google Drive.



Save time and update your LinkedIn newsfeed by email. Send a short note and Obindo will share it on LinkedIn for you.



Save time and add new subscribers to your MailChimp email lists simply by forwarding an email into Obindo.



Capture your more important ideas, thoughts, files, and photos in OneNote simply by sending an email!


Rallyteam - Try it!

The first complete insourcing platform for business, Rallyteam makes it easy to match employees to projects that need help. With Obindo, employees can just post a new opportunity simply by sending an email!


Salesforce - Try It!

Save time and update your Salesforce data by email. Send any message through Obindo and it will create a lead and store a copy of that message as an activity. Continue to forward additional messages as needed.


Slack (Coming Soon!)

Keep your team updated by forwarding important email messages directly into Slack. Add tags to the email and Obindo will route the message into the right place.



Forward any email to Obindo and it will post the message and any attached photos to your Twitter account.


Yammer - Try It!

Break down the barriers between email and Yammer! Send any email, with or without an attachment, to Obindo and it will add it to your Yammer newsfeed.

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