Transform unstructured conversations into something awesome.

Obindo is the world's first platform designed to help you capture unstructured and conversational messages, extract key information and meta-data, and route that data into the place it belongs. Of course you don't need to extend Obindo — but you can if you need to! With Obindo's open architecture, you can create a smart, shared inbox for your team, add custom rules to automate things you face again-and-again, and help get your arms around that data that is flowing through your organization.

Obindo's on-demand provisioning system and integrated scripting engine is the only platform to streamline every step of the process. Click on any section below to learn more.

Inbound Processing

Message Processing

Configure an Obindo inbox endpoint to start accepting inbound messages in seconds. No need to set up any mail or web servers, configure MX records, or customize any other service — inbound message-processing is "live" as soon as you specify the address for your Obindo integration.

Create your inbox


Obindo abstracts away all of the complexity of linking users to the proper account in your app. Obindo supports both OAuth2 and Basic App Authentication, establishing the "token" needed to connect the message sender with their account in the apps you link to.

Authenticate your app


Obindo transforms every incoming message into a JSON object so that you can work with it. Obindo then goes a step further and parses out key data from each message, extracting data about contacts, files, events, threads, and tags.

Parse your message


Now that you have your message in a structured format, you can define an unlimited set of rules to handle any workflow you might need. With Obindo's integrated scripting engine, you can create your workflow rules and processes in minutes.

Design your workflow


Finally, call any set of web services in your app, or any other app supported by Obindo, and route data to the right place. For example, route contact data into Salesforce, and then post documents into your own app.

Route your data

What can you do with the Obindo platform?

You can use the Obindo platform to add inbound message-processing to a new application, create custom routing rules for your organization, or create a conversational interface to business applications such as Asana, Box, Salesforce, and many more.

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