Inbox Zero and your Business

What if inbox zero wasn't just a personal goal, but a goal for your entire business? How many emails come into your company every day? How many of those messages bounce from one employee to the next? Is the information in those emails getting captured, stored, and routed into the right location? Or are you missing things?

Obindo can help you take control of your email chaos. Obindo isn't a new app. It's an inbound email processing service that provides a way for you to route your email messages into the business apps that you already use, from Asana to Yammer and everything in-between. Rather than spend time forwarding emails around your organization, you and your team can send them into the locations that make sense for your business, so that the right person gets the right information at the right time.

Help your employees and colleagues become more productive, without requiring them to learn anything new. Obindo works seamlessly with all email systems from GMail to Outlook, so there's nothing new to install or maintain. Anyone within your company can simply start forwarding their existing emails to the inboxes of your choice -- and that information will get captured and routed to any location you like.

Let's send those email messages into your apps so you can get more work done. Obindo is free to try, and the number of apps it works with is growing every day. Obindo may not be able to help you achieve inbox zero, but why not see if you can use it to make your email work harder for you?