Obindo is the world's easiest way to
work with Yammer from within Gmail!

  • send an email

    To get started, just download Obindo for Gmail

    Simply visit this link to download the Obindo Google Chrome Extension.

  • it will show up in yammer

    The Obindo toolbar will appear at the bottom of each message

    There will be a one-time authentication step after you install the toolbar.

  • add attachments

    Save any message to Yammer

    Whenever you receive an email you would like to post to Yammer, simply click the Yammer logo!

  • and there it is

    Your message will be posted immediately - attachments too!

    No need to download a file, then upload to Yammer. Just click and send!

  • route to a group

    Route your message to a group

    Would you like to route the message to a Yammer group? Simply choose the group before you send.

  • into the group it goes

    Your email is posted directly into your group

    No need to configure an email address for each group separately.

But Obindo doesn't just work with Yammer! You can use Obindo to send email to all of your favorite apps, including Box, Docusign, Dropbox, Google Calendar, LinkedIn, and many more!

Give it a try!