Ever feel like turning down the information firehose for just a few minutes?

We're social business software guys. For years, we worked together building collaboration tools for some of the world's largest companies. But through that experience, we realized no matter what feature we created for our customers, it always felt like there was still always a ton of information flying through everyone's inboxes. So we thought: it doesn't seem like email is going to disappear anytime soon. But isn't there something we can do?

Could we build a bridge that helped that information flow out of email and into those places it really belonged? And so Obindo was born. We don't think of Obindo so much as an app, but more as a bridge. A bridge that captures, organizes, and sends data where it really should go, so that it's easier to find, easier to work with, easier to discover. But while we can talk for hours about the technology we're building, we also feel that creating a company isn't just about the products you build but the values you hold. So here are a few of ours.

We believe in creating software that is simple, social, and beautiful. We know that building great software is a craft, one that starts not with engineering but with listening. We first try to understand how people really work, what they need, and what we can do to make their lives simpler, easier, and more productive. Our goal — and we know this is an ambitious one — is to build a service so simple it just fades into the background. That's why the driving design goal for Obindo can be summed up as this: if you can send an email, you can use Obindo.

We believe companies are a collaboration. To us, a company encompasses everyone — employees and customers, partners and friends, all working together to solve a common problem. A recent report stated that over 100 billion emails are sent every day. Big Data doesn't get much bigger than that. So while we want to create the absolute best service we can, we also know that this problem is much larger than any one company can possibly address. And that's why we're committed to making Obindo as open and extensible as we possibly can.

We believe in giving back. We know we have a special gift: an opportunity to make a living doing what we love. But we're very aware that many people don't enjoy this same gift. And while we don't pretend to have all the answers, as entrepreneurs we think small actions can yield big results. That's why we're making a commitment to non-profits in our community. We want our success to be their success.

If you're interested in joining our team, or just learning a bit more about what we're building, please drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you.

Chuck and Joe

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