We believe in giving back to our community.
That's why we made the Founders' Pledge.

We've pledged our time. We take time out each month to support our community. When you join Obindo as an employee, you're given paid days each year you can use to volunteer at community non-profits.

We've pledged our products. Whether you are a non-profit who would like to use Obindo to spark communication among your employees or the people you serve, or you're interested in extending Obindo's inbound email processing capabilities to help advance technology you are building for a social good, speak with us. We'll provide our platform to you at a substantially reduced cost and do our best to support you.

We've pledged our equity. As founders, we're making a substantial, long-term commitment to social innovators improving our community, and so we've pledged a portion of our equity to community organizations. Let's succeed together.

We've been inspired by the visionary work of Marc Benioff and the Salesforce Foundation, the members of Full Circle Fund, Ryan Martens of Rally Software and the Entrepreneurs Foundation, and everyone who is working to make the tech community a force for positive community impact.

We pledge to a part of this movement.

Joe Kleinschmidt and Chuck Kreuser

Obindo Co-Founders