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Surface what matters.

Capture email and other unstructured data, organize it automatically, and route it into the business applications you use every day.

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Send email directly to Asana, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many more.

Get your most important files, notes, contacts, and ideas out of your inbox and into your business applications — where they belong.

  • send email

    Obindo captures any message...

  • find information

    ...identifies what's important…

  • add to web apps

    …and routes it to where it belongs.

  • Obindo captures any

  • ...identifies
    what's important…

  • …and routes it to where it belongs.

It's fast, easy, and works the way you do.
If you can send an email, you can use Obindo. Don't believe it?

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Being able to write an email and see Box update automatically is nothing short of magical. Obindo saves me time and lets me focus on my customers.

— Garrick Beil, National Director Sales and Marketing

Email + Apps. Together at last.

yammer, facebook, twitter, salesforce, dropbox, google drive

You need your projects in Asana, your reports in Box, and your meetings in Google Calendar. Do you really have time to log into each of these web services and manage them one by one?

Let Obindo do the work for you. Obindo is smart and knows how to identify key data within your email. Obindo will find the most important information and post it directly to your favorite apps.

Save time and be more productive. Get back to doing the things you’re good at.

yammer, facebook, twitter, salesforce, dropbox, google drive

What can Obindo do for you?

  • Box scenario

    Save a report

    Email your team a set of files and have Obindo make sure
    they are saved into Box as well.

  • Calendar scenario

    Schedule a Meeting

    Follow-up with a prospective customer and
    use Obindo to add a meeting to your Google Calendar.

  • Salesforce scenario

    Create a lead

    Add a new lead record to Salesforce
    without leaving your inbox.

  • DocuSign scenario

    Sign a Contract

    Send a document to a client and have Obindo
    post it directly to DocuSign.

Obindo is smart.

Obindo knows how to detect information in an email — automatically.
For example, Obindo can use the email below to create a new lead in Salesforce.

Subject: Phone call with a potential partner

Hi Terry—

I just got off the phone with Hazel Kransen, the Director of Marketing at ZipZap Corp. She seemed very interested in partnering with us. I plan to reach out to her next week by email ( or phone (555.739.5100).

-- Gordon Irving

Details Obindo will detect in this email:

Email integration API

Build your own Obindos.

Obindo API

Developers, do you need Obindo to work with
an app we haven’t yet listed on our site? Use our powerful tools to integrate email into nearly any app.

Obindo is the world’s first platform focused on completely removing the friction between email and your applications. Use Obindo to quickly parse email, turn unstructured messages into structured data, and route that data directly into your web service — without needing to manage a single server.

About Us

Chuck and Joe

Through years of creating social business software for some of the world’s largest companies, we realized a simple fact: there is an incredible wealth of information trapped in our email. So we built the Obindo platform to help free that information and turn it into action.

We’re looking for the world’s best designers and developers to help us in creating powerful, flexible, and beautiful solutions. Like to join us?

Chuck and Joe

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