Obindo is a great way to turn
email messages into Asana tasks.

  • receive an email

    Let's say you'd like to turn an email
    from a colleague into a task.

    You organize your time in Asana, not in your inbox!

  • forward to obindo

    Just forward your email to

    To set the due date, just include a date in the subject.

    To assign the task, include @name (first only, or first-last) in the subject.
    Use @me to assign to yourself.

    To add the task to a project, place the project name in [brackets] in the subject.
    (by default, tasks are created in My Tasks.)

    Do you work with multiple Asana projects?
    Just use [ team / project ] or [ workspace / team / project ].

  • connect to asana

    Connect Obindo to your Asana account

    The first time you use Obindo for Asana, you'll receive an email with a special link.
    Click the link to authorize Asana to accept tasks via email from you.

  • asana task created

    That's it!

    There it is in Asana with the date, project, assignee,
    and all attached documents!

But Obindo doesn't just work with Asana! You can use Obindo to send email to all of your favorite apps, including Box, Docusign, Google Calendar, LinkedIn, and many more!

Give it a try!