Email to Google Calendar

Schedule a Google Calendar meeting.
Right from your email!

  • lets schedule a meeting

    Let's say you're using email to schedule a meeting

    You've settled on a time, and you'd like to send out a Google Calendar invite.

  • just forward your email

    Just forward your email to

    Be sure to put the date and time in the subject line - e.g. "Thursday at 3pm"

  • Obindo creates the event for you

    Obindo creates the event for you and sends invites

    After a one-time authorization, Obindo will create the event for you.
    And send invitations to everyone who was cc'd on that email too!

  • and there it is

    Your meeting is scheduled!

    You never need to manually go into Google Calendar to set all this up. Obindo does it all for you!

But Obindo doesn't just work with Google Calendar! You can use Obindo to send email to
all of your favorite apps, including Box, Docusign, Dropbox, LinkedIn, and many more!

Give it a try!