Email to Salesforce

Turn any email into a Salesforce lead.

  • Email from a New Lead

    Let's say you receive files from a new lead

    Don't you wish you could send an email to Salesforce to get that lead into Salesforce
    immediately? No problem! Obindo makes Salesforce email integration easy.

  • Forward the email to Salesforce

    Just forward your email to

    No need to register, sign up, or configure anything!

  • Salesforce Email Integration with Obindo

    Connect Obindo to your Salesforce account

    The first time you use Obindo for Salesforce, you'll receive an email with a special link.
    Click the link to authorize Salesforce to accept new leads via email from you.

  • Salesforce lead created

    Your new lead will be Salesforce immediately!

    No more opening up Salesforce separately and typing in the contact information.

  • Salesforce email activity log

    Not only that, but an Activity Log will be created on the lead.

    Every email and attachment will be saved in the activity log.

  • Email to Salesforce

    Include the next time you email the lead

    Add as a bcc if you don't want them to see.

  • Salesforce email activity log

    And it will be added to the Activity Log!

    Keep track of all interaction right on the lead record.

But Obindo doesn't just work with Salesforce! You can use Obindo to send email to all of your favorite apps, including Box, Docusign, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Drive, LinkedIn, and many more!

Give it a try!