Data Capture Technology

Start sending email into your app. Before lunch.
What if your customers could send email directly into your app from Outlook, GMail, or their iPhone or Android device? What if you could quickly parse, format, and route data from those messages into exactly the right place? You don't need to stand up any new servers. You don't need to hire a developer to deal with app authentication, parsing out contacts or files, or scrubbing out signatures. We'll take care of that. You just focus on your app.

What if the barrier-to-entry to your app Yammer was one of the fastest-growing business apps of all time in part because it was so simple to get started. Hundreds of millions of people use apps such as Box, Dropbox, and many more because getting started takes less than 60 seconds. Obindo can provide this type of power to your app. Set it up so that using your app is as easy as sending an email to it. And watch your usage take off.

Imagine if your email interface just kept getting better. This is all we do. We know the power of focus. And because we've created email integrations for leading vendors like Asana, Docusign, and Salesforce, we know that customers will keep demanding more from your email integration. So think of us as the team of engineers who keep creating email features for you, from cleaning up incoming messages to providing you with features to pull out the data that you need with just a few lines of code. We'll help you make email a competitive edge for your app, while you focus on the features that make your app special.

Your app can support inbound email-processing - right now. Check out our inbound email API to learn about the sophisticated tools available to you, or just write a simple script to begin parsing email. If you think your customers would enjoy being able to send an email into your app: why not add it?