Obindo is designed to be as flexible and open as possible, but yet still ensure security. Here are some notes about how the system accomplishes these goals.

Q: What security mechanisms are in-place for emails sent to Obindo?

A: Email security is an essential aspect of the foundation on which Obindo is built. From the very start, Obindo uses spam filtering powered by SpamAssassin machines with checks including Bayesian filtering, validating the email domain with the Sender Policy Framework, and validating an email's digital signature, if provided. Obvious spam and email spoofing is rejected outright. In addition to these standard procedures, we keep track of the origin and routing of each email. If we are uncertain of an email's origin, an email is sent to the owner asking them to click a link to confirm.

Q: What if I want to disconnect my email account from an Obindo app?

A: Simply send an email to You'll be provided with a list of apps from which you wish to disconnect. Click 'Unsubscribe' and that address is immediately disconnected and incoming email will no longer be routed to your account.